Is it possible to take an overdose of cough drops?

Why is it easy to overdose the cough syrups?

It is easy to say that you will take one cough drop after every few hours without overdosing. However, many people with sore throat or other some disturbing problems associated with cold will take the cough drops all the day long. It, therefore becomes possible to take a whole packet of the cough drops in a single day leading to overdose of the drugs. What makes many people overdose the cough drops is that they do not seem to be dangerous as other prescribed drugs when they are taken in excess. Not many people understand that the menthol found in the drops can have severe side effects when taken excessively. The other factor that makes it easy to overdose cough drops is that they are readily available in local drug stores, thus making them easy to access and use even when not really required.



Right dosage

Studies have shown that it is very easy to overdose cough drops. Menthol is one of the drops that is taken in overdose. Average cough drop is composed of five milligrams menthol to ten milligrams. Overdose of cough drops differ from one person to the other. This is determined by age, weight and prevailing health condition. It is the pure menthol that leads to an overdose rather that the cough drops and their menthol ingredients. There is no standard right dosage of cough drops that you should take. The right dosage is administered by a physician. Before determining the right dosage for you to take in a day the physician will consider your age, extent of your health condition and other factors that he or she might find worth considering.

Signs of cough drops overdose

The major signs of overdose include signs of blood in the urine, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, breathing difficulties, dizziness, difficult when urinating and convulsions. When you recognize such signs it is advisable to check how you are taking your cough drops if you are taking them. However, the most important thing to avoid overdosing them is to talk to your doctor, from Insights 2 Recovery, on the safe dosage to take daily.

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